The first and foremost thing we have to do is taking care of our body. Since it’s the one which cannot be replaceable, it’s important to look after it.


Dec 22 , 2020

The first and foremost thing we have to do is taking care of our body. Since it’s the one which cannot be replaceable, it’s important to look after it. We spend most of our working time by simply sitting down and looking at a computer, which wreaks havoc on our joints, muscle, and spine. So by incorporation of some ergonomic exercises and positions we can stay on the game.

  1. BASICS :When it comes to ergonomics and posture, the one thing to remember is the basics which are to keep your feet flat on the floor, look straight ahead while working, and keep your wrists straight.
  2. TAKE A STAND :To improve your posture, get a standing desk. Buying a standing desk is not cheap, granted but it is worthy when comes to sitting down for a long time which is not good for the spine. If not find an alternate to support your workstation up, or moving around once in a while works better.

    It won’t apply to you if you have a laptop, but it’s worth rearranging your kit so it doesn’t put strain on you. Placing your laptop is important because it should get it to about eye level. So keep your laptop on top of something like magazines or books, it doesn’t matter. The thing is the top of the screen should be level with your eyes. While you are keeping laptop at this position, its best to have a spare mouse and keyboard or else you may felt some difficulty in typing.

  4. LOOKME IN THE EYE: The eye muscles should have some relaxation for better functioning. For every twenty minutes you should turn your eyes away from the screen to prevent eye strain. For twenty seconds look at something else and after that try to look at the things which are away from you at different lengths.

    Room lightings and screen glare are also something to be considered. Natural lighting is best for better work efficiency or else Ample lighting is must in the absence of natural lighting. By using blue light blocking glasses, screen glare can be minimised which helps eyes to sleep better.

  5. KITTED OUT :Obviously sitting in a dining chair or slumping on the sofa while you do your work all day isn’t good for your back. An ergonomic chair is best to provide support to your back even when you’re not engaging it. If you can afford it then great because it is a bit on the pricey side. If you can’t then just stick to the other points and you’ll be fine.
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