Virtual Offices-The Supreme key for Mental Health Professionals

July 20 , 2020

Over the years, face to face mental health therapy has been the tradition. However, with the advent of technology, especially the internet, online therapies are gaining more popularity.

They are cheaper and more convenient for those who do not have many resources or live in a remote area. Also, in situations like curfews and lockdowns, they ensure that people get the assistance they need. 

This is a big reason why many health professionals in Chennai have started to prefer a virtual office space in Chennai over having a private office space in Chennai. This is also financially more advantageous than seeking office space for rent in Chennai.  There are numerous other advantages associated with having a virtual office space in Chennai. A few of them are:-

  1. Low cost: If you rent a Private office space in Chennai to make it your clinic, the rent can actually take a big toll on you. You might as well be forced to charge highly for your sessions, deterring people from approaching. The low-cost virtual office lets you offer cheaper therapy and have more clients. Additionally, you would have a professional address. Therefore, virtual office space in Chennai is more lucrative than seeking a private office space in Chennai.
  2. Convenience: In a virtual office, you enjoy greater convenience and flexibility in scheduling sessions. This is because you work from home and would not have to rush to your clinic in case of emergencies. Additionally, you can rent a temporary place for meetings as per your need.
  3. Comfort: The client might feel more at ease in an online session and open up. Also, you might feel more comfortable to work from a place like home. You do not need to sit in the clinic for hours waiting for the next appointment as well. Therefore, it helps both you and your client.
  4. Time-Saving:  The time for commuting from one of your houses to the clinic is saved. The same goes for your client as well. Many people do not have much time owing to their work commitments and responsibilities. Online counseling can seem much more convenient in this situation.
  5. Accessibility:With a virtual office you can become available to people around the globe. This means greater accessibility for clients living in remote areas. Additionally, if your client is away from your city temporarily, the sessions can still take place like before.
  6. More Clients: Many individuals prefer to online sessions, they can access help easily and with the course of time seeking a professional in an actual setting.
  7. Personal Space: A virtual office will let you segregate your private and personal life from professional life when working from home. A virtual office offers customized call answering and forwarding services, thereby limiting the number of calls and messages that reach your private phone. The availability of the option of screen recording keeps you assured that no important message would be missed and you can carry out your work without any worries.

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