Where you are; near or far? Doesn’t matter, practice social distancing. Touch me not! Post pandemic, new normal needs every individual to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines. It scarcely matters that the country is free from lockdown or not; social distances, masks and sanitizing habits are going to stay a bit longer. These guidelines are included in the code of conduct of private office space in Chennai to safeguard all the connected affiliates. Crowded places and unnecessary travels are not all recommended.

Meeting Etiquettes

Oct  24 , 2021

The next time you’re during a meeting, go searching and identify the yes-butters, the not-knowers and therefore the why-notters. The why-notters move the planet. – Louise Pierson

So, not only will you be meeting differing kinds of personalities, you may even be evaluated on the bottom. So an ideal meeting should be right all-round.

Below is the checklist to create the proper impression for your conference / meeting rooms in Chennai.Below is the checklist to create the proper impression for your conference / meeting rooms in Chennai.



  1. Be Punctual

    Firstly, arrive quarter-hour before to your conference / meeting rooms in Chennai and check the office supplies, connect your laptop to projector and set everything in situ before starting your conference or meeting.

  2. Break the ice


    Secondly, Its never about presenting your points and leaving the conference / meeting rooms in Chennai. Its about involution. As soon as all of the participants gather to the meeting, introduce yourself and also offer an opportunity for every one of them to introduce them. Make the atmosphere comfortable for all. Initiate with swapping each other’s business cards.

  3. Correct visual communication

    Thirdly, Your audience is often watching your visual communication
    • Dress formal.
    • When standing, keep your bring up, shoulder back and arms all the way down to show your confidence.
    • Open and upturned arms show that you just have an interest and open for discussion
    • Maintain eye contact in a very friendly thanks to show you’re respect and interested what the opposite person should say
    • Do not interrupt while other person is talking and pen your points to debate later

  4. Mute your phone

    Finally, it’s important to respect one another value of your time and don’t use your phone in your conference / meeting rooms in Chennai.


  1. Firstly, Define your clear purpose of the meeting and share the agenda to your participants

  2. Secondly, Understand your participants and channelize your presenting manner accordingly

  3. Thirdly, Make each participant to induce engaged

  4. Fourthly, Make it remote friendly for long-distance participants

  5. Fifthly, Build trust in your ideas

  6. Finally, Results are to be relentlessly focused at.

Effective meetings provide a secure space for thinking.

  1. Firstly, Physical meeting rooms

    • Select an area in prime location with easy transportation links

    • Well lit meeting rooms help attendees to remain focused and energized.

    • Well ventilated with more no. of windows are additional benefits.

    • Well ventilated with more no. of windows are additional benefits.

  2. Secondly, Furniture and Décor

    • Novel and exclusive design inspires inner creativity and visionary.

  3. Thirdly, Reliable Fast WiFi

  4. Fourthly, Projector

  5. Fifthly, Video conferencing

  6. Sixthly, TV

  7. Seventhly, electrostatic printer, Copier and Scanner

  8. Eightly, Free Coffee

  9. Finally, Power Backup

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