As times are changing, shared office space is gaining popularity when it comes to choosing a commercial space for rent in Chennai. In a shared office space, your workers would be sharing the same building complex and most facilities with the employees of another business. This facilitates a wholehearted social networking environment.

The global pandemic situation has not spared any city including Chennai and this has necessitated almost every industry to work from home leading to an era of remote working.


Dec 26 , 2020

The global pandemic situation has not spared any city including Chennai and this has necessitated almost every industry to work from home leading to an era of remote working. Be it a private office in Chennai that works traditionally or co-working space in Chennai or a private office space in Chennai, every office has slowly adapted to this remote working.


Generally, leadership qualities or skills are an integral part for an engaging office. Every person in one way or the other is inspired by other people be it at work or in life. For inspiring others, a person requires certain unique qualities that draw the attention of the crowd. In a workplace, leadership qualities make a person stand out and help a person and company grow. These leadership qualities or skills set help the other employees stay motivated and connected with the company, not only in traditional mode of working but also in remote working.

The employees or any industry workers working remotely may require certain additional skills when we compare to traditional leadership qualities as the workers don’t work physically sitting by the side of his/her colleague. Although effective communication is of ultimate importance, there are certain other essential skills necessary for becoming a great leader.

The leadership skills can be developed if proper training is given by the companies if they have adequate resources and budget. These skills are of greater importance in the remote working culture. Some companies that are adapting to remote working may not have means to organise appropriate training sessions for their employees. In such instances, the directors, managers may have to act as an example to inspire other employees and these persons must be aware of those distinct qualities to make them a great leader.

As a remote worker, one of the leadership qualities is knowing about oneself or self-leadership. Be it in virtual office or traditional office, a person must know themselves in terms of ambition, self-improvement, managing time and giving attention, reflection and knowledge about oneself. A person must work inwardly to know and improve themselves as person. Only after acknowledging personal strengths and flaws, a person can walk in the direction of becoming a better leader.

Coaching is another skill of leadership required at a virtual office in Chennai or elsewhere. The coach must bring out the strengths of his/her employees and try to stimulate their strength making them believe in their own talents and abilities. While working remotely, video conferencing is the best way to coach the employees by the employers and managers. Using latest software applications, phone calls and emails can help greatly for discussing about the ongoing work. Leaders can effectively provide advice and guidance for betterment of the work done.

As a remote leader, one may be able to foresee the outcome of the work-done collectively. It is essential that a person must possess vision for the present and future which can help fix goals and time period to achieve the business target.

Effective communication can fill out the gap between the employer and employees to a great level. Be it in the traditional method of working or virtual working, proper and effective communication can bring out the best leader from oneself. The leader must listen, in remote working some extra time may be required to process the queries and concerns of the employees but it is vital. Another important attribute for a leader is to make him/herself available to the employees whenever an issue needs to be addressed. The leader must be cordial with his/ her team. Such leader should be sincere and honest in his/ her approach towards the team and must be authentic so as to be relatable.

Trust makes an organization cohesive and an important quality of a good leader. The remote workplace can be difficult without trust. There requires mutual trust between the employer and employee within the workplace. An employer must trust the employees’ abilities and talents, giving some autonomy in finishing the task. This approach even improves the productivity.

A good leader should also be sensitive towards the team members. The leader must show some empathy by acknowledging the common difficulties faced when it comes to remote working. The leader can provide scope for innovation and creativity for achieving the companies’ goals. Some other aspects of sensitivity are generosity, appreciation and emotional awareness. These qualities of a leader can make the virtual workplace environment positive.

With current COVID-19 situation, its crucial for a remote leader to be patient, flexible and understanding. While fixing deadline or due date for target accomplishment, it would be appropriate if the opinions of the employees are taken into consideration. There can number of occasions where communication gap occurs especially in the virtual office how much ever technology is used. Hence, patience, flexibility and understanding should be the attributes of a remote leader.

In order to develop leadership skills as a remote worker, the leader can volunteer for some project apart from his/her regular work, this will help a leader learn new things and also motivate others to work effectively and help out others. A remote leader must project him/ herself as a model of leadership to the team members, not by acting that he/she knows everything but by teaching others and helping them. A great leader always shows some interest in the personal lives of his/her team apart from the profession. Thus, motivating and encouraging the team on the whole.

The development of leadership qualities is a continuous process which makes an individual grow, be it in traditional method of working or virtual workspace. When it is comes to remote working, adapting all of the leadership skills is essential to cater the needs of the employees.

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