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Co-working space is an emerging concept of business in India. Co-working space is where many people belonging to various field of business unite or assemble to carryout their respective jobs.


Dec 31 , 2020

Co-working space is an emerging concept of business in India. Co-working space is where many people belonging to various field of business unite or assemble to carryout their respective jobs. Co-working space is a common or shared office space that offers professional working environment for people with varied professional backgrounds.


Co-working space has all kinds of amenities like internet, printers, workstations, furniture, conference halls, meeting rooms and utility services that an office requires. All the charges are included in the rent.

Co-working space is highly flexible and cost effective unlike traditional or private office. Co-working space in Chennai is very much suitable for start-ups and small-scale entrepreneurs as it gives professional touch to the working environment without any additional cost and long-term commitment.

In the shared office space in Chennai, there is a possibility of like-minded entrepreneurs to meet up. The co-working space in Chennai provides good opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

 Every entrepreneur has to evaluate their business needs and wants and has to select an office space appropriately. If it’s a single person team or a handful of people in a team, co-working space is sufficient. Though this can be slightly expensive compared to working from home but co-working space provides an environment which is more conducive to work. As the team and business expand, it is advisable to move to a dedicated private office space.

The Co-working space has its own advantages and disadvantages. The co-working space generally has its own way of presentation and may lack customised set-up to a business where the co-working space aim at promoting their own brand and not that of an occupant’s brand. This could likely have some effect on clientele base. In such cases if it is better to be in a dedicated office.

Even when the business is in a dedicated office within the co-working space, it still has its restrictions. Though there are conference halls and meeting rooms for face to face client interactions, as the layout of the co-working space is open, it is likely to leave doubts when it comes confidentiality in business affairs in the minds of the clients. Some clients who are used to traditional offices may not prefer the modernity involved like having foosball tables, etc.

The uniqueness in co-working space in Chennai is that it provides a conducive environment convenient for socializing among many businesses. This helps in networking and often entrepreneurs get motivated with the spirit of other professionals within the coworking space. However, a co-working space gives less or no control over the surrounding and inability to minimize distractions. If there is difficulty in staying focused at work in a coworking space, it could be challenging to be effective and productive.

In such a situation it is up to the entrepreneur to figure out the suitable working environment. The entrepreneur has to evaluate the nature of business, fiscal status, working hours, commute and the impression to leave on clients’ minds when it comes to deciding between Co-working space to private space.

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