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Freelancer Tips: Personal Branding During Coronavirus​

Jul 21 , 2021

Freelancers are badly plagued by coronavirus. The pandemic has massively impacted people across all industries, but as companies review their core business model and cut costs, many contracted workers have found themselves in danger. A recent study has suggested that around half freelancers have lost a minimum of 60% of their income.

Personally, I’ve seen many posts on my LinkedIn newsfeed by freelancers struggling to seek out work: typically, one post saying they’re open for business and usurping new clients. LinkedIn may be a useful gizmo for freelancers, and posting may be a good start – but a more thought out and consistent approach to private branding will help generate new leads.


The Profile Rebrand


There are some simple tweaks which will make your LinkedIn profile immediately more client friendly. Let’s start from the highest and work our way down.


  • A profile picture and banner that popular

    Look straight down the camera, smile, and appearance professional. the garments you’re wearing should reflect your brand: corporate, relaxed, sporty or creative. Now networking personally is off the table, it’s even more important to give some thought to how people see you online.
    And don’t ditch your banner. If your work is visual, include some examples and use the space to further explain what you’ll be able to do for a client. a photograph that reinforces your credibility – e.g. a photograph of you talking before of an audience – is additionally a decent choice. You’ll be able to even include your tagline here, too. Anything the least bit (within the bounds of reason) is healthier than leaving it blank.

  • A tagline that sums up what you are doing

    Your tagline – the road that sits under your name – should describe exactly what you’re offering. It’s one in every of the foremost valuable bits of assets you have got on LinkedIn, because it appears together with your name and profile picture on every occasion you’re active, from posting content to mentioning on other people’s posts. You wish to optimize it to drive new business to your profile.
    The taglines should not be simple for freelancers.

  • An about section that introduces you

    Either keep this short and sweet, or use it to inform potential clients more about who you’re, what you are doing and why they ought to get connected. Attempt to avoid being too sales; instead, specialize in being unique. Consider the last time you applied for employment – one among the most challenges in any hiring process is to create yourself stand out from other applicants. the identical applies here. Imagine this small section of your profile was the sole thing a visitor would remember. What does one must write in there to confirm that 1) they remember what you are doing and 2) they’re closer to working with you?

  • An attributed post that locks in reliability

    You can now pin a post to the highest of your profile, sitting slightly below your About section. Use it to spotlight something that shows your credibility. It may well be a bit of labor that you’re particularly pleased with, or a testimonial you’ve shared within the past. It can really help to determine that you’re the go-to person for what you offer. This can be a comparatively new feature on LinkedIn, which makes it an excellent tool for helping you mark you out as a private branding pro.

    Present is a difficult time for freelancers and businesses. If you’re finding yourself with longer on your hands, it’s the proper opportunity to begin building your personal brand online in an exceedingly way that your buried-in-work future self will thanks for.

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